Spatial Rifts Season Eight Tournament One - 1/12/08

"Big Fat TOS Deck"
by Johnny Holeva

Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home  (HQ)
Historical Research
Salvage Borg Ship
Automated Repair Station
Study Rare Phenomenon

Draw Deck  (75 cards)


1  Angela Martine
2  Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer
3  Carolyn Palamas
1  Christine Chapel, Medical Assistant
1  Gary Mitchell, Godlike Mutant
3  George Stocker, Starbase Commodore
1  Hikaru Sulu, Senior Helmsman
2  Jadzia Dax, Communications Staffer
3  James T. Kirk, Original Thinker
2  Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer
1  Mark Piper
2  Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer
1  Pavel A. Chekov, YTreacherous Underling
2  Spock, Man of Integrity
3  Uhura, Skilled Tactician

2  Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
3  Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
1  Kamala, The Perfect Mate
1  Persis, Loyal Daughter
3  Thon
2  Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist
1  Vash, Treasure Hunter
3  Zefram Cochrane, Ready to Make History

EVENTS  (15)
3  Astrometrics Lab
3  How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
3  Machinations
3  Security Drills
3  These Are The Voyages

3  Escape
3  Quantum Slipstream Drive

SHIPS  (10)
3  Phoenix, Risen From the Ashes
1  U.S.S. Contellation, Dead Hulk
1  U.S.S. Constitution
3  U.S.S. Enterprise, Earth's Savior
2  U.S.S. Reliant, Searching for Lifeless Planets

DILEMMA PILE  (79 cards)

PLANET  (12)
2  Aftereffects
3  Excalbian Drama
2  In Training
2  Necessary Execution
1  Outmatched
1  Picking Up the Pieces
1  Rogue Borg Ambush

DUAL  (52)
1  A Royal Hunt
3  An Issue of Trust
2  Agonizing Encounter
2  Back Room Dealings
2  Chula: Echos
1  Chula: Pick One to Save Two
3  Chula: The Chandra
3  Chula: The Dice
2  Distraction
2  Dressing Down
1  Final Adventure
1  Full Security Alert
2  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
3  Hard Time
2  Moral Choice
1  Old Differences
2  Pinned Down
3  Psychokinetic Control
2  Racial Tension
2  Secret Identity
2  Shocking Betrayal
1  Skeleton Crew
2  Stripped Down
1  Temptation
2  The Clown: Guillotine
2  The Dal'Rok
2  Timescape

SPACE  (15)
1  Caretaker's Wave
3  Fesarius Bluff
2  Gomtuu Shock Wave
2  Outclassed
2  Personal Duty
2  Preventative Repercussions
3  Where No One Has Gone Before


Whitney Barnes
"Enjoy a Nice Blizzard at the DQ"

(draw deck based off of Steve Rotz' 26th place deck from 2007 worlds, plus or minus a few cards)

Caretaker's Array
Observe Kazon Ritual
Battle Reconnaissance
Explore Micro-Wormhole
Historical Research

Draw Deck.
2x A Few Minor Difficulties (added to deck accidentally since it had a Voy icon. alas, did not read card more closely before throwing into deck)
3x Exceed Engine Output
1x Finding Our Way
2x Salvaging the Wreckage
2x Security Drills
1x The Edge of Forever
2x The Trial Never Ended (instead of 3 in the original)
3x Unexpected Difficulties
1x Cluttering Irrevelancies
1x Escape
2x B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
1x Baxter, Wandering Security Officer
1x Cavit, Apprehensive First Officer
3x Chakotay, Bridge Between Two Crews
1x Kathryn Janeway, Forceful Captain
1x Marie Kaplan, Observant Officer
2x Marquay
3x Revised Chakotay, Imposturous First Officer
1x Seska, Cardassian Agent
1x Seven of Nine, Reclaimed Drone
1x Stadi, Focused
1x The Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram
1x Berild
1x Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
1x Neelix, Morale Officer
1x Skalaar, Bounty Hunter
1x Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist
1x Ambassador Gral, High Ranking Official
3x U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home
1x Baxial, Salvage Ship

Dilemma Deck:
3x Accelerated Aging
1x Chula: The Dice
1x Compassionate Interference
1x Contaminating a Culture
1x Counterinsurgency Program
3x Cultural Differences
3x Distraction
1x Distress Call
1x Equipment Malfunction
1x Gangster's Welcome
2x Gomtuu Shock Wave
1x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
2x Harsh Conditions
1x Hull Breach
1x Interphasic Effects
2x Kelvan Show of Force
1x Necessary Execution
1x Neural Parasites
1x Stripped Down


Rouge Shindler
Earth: DS9
"Oh Captain, My Captain, My Captain, My Captain, My Captain, My Captain, My Captain, My Captain"

The Captain's Log/Defiant Commanders - we are unselectable deck, take 2.

Last time I played this, I went 3-1, tanked only by the dreaded Bashir Founder. Because I was running so trim (only 9 personnel, 1 ship), it was literally impossible for me to overcome the BF tomfoolery. This time, I threw in a few extra personnel and ships, and Altovar, just in case. I was also overly concerned about getting hit by Where No One Has Gone Before, hence the equipment. Turns out, had I looked at my skills, I can beat that dilemma three ways, so I should have dumped the equipment and GPTs in favor of a full compliment of Genesis Effects to stop things like Fesarius Bluff.

1 Earth, Home of Starfleet Command
1 Advanced Battle Simulation
1 Obtain Vaccine
1 Study Rare Phenomenon
1 Survey New World

Draw Deck
2 Altovar, Bashir Founder Solution
3 Benjamin Sisko, Defiant Captain
3 Jadzia Dax, Defiant Captain
3 Khan Noonian Singh, Bold Man
3 Kudak'Etan, Arrogant First
2 Luthur Sloane, Man of Secrets
3 Martia, Duplicitious Shape Shifter
2 Persis, Loyal Daughter
2 Spock, Trainee Instructor
3 Thomas Riker, Defiant Leader
3 Tosk, The Hunted
3 Worf, Defiant Commander

3 U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling Warship
3 U.S.S. Akira

2 Astrometrics Lab
3 Captain on the Bridge
3 Captain's Log
3 How Would you Like a Trip to Romulus?
3 Insiring Leader
3 Machinations
3 Optimism
1 The Genesis Effect
3 Unexpected Difficulties
3 These Are the Voyages

3 Engineering PADD
3 Engineering Tricorder

3 Grav Plate Trap
3 One Upsmanship


Dan Hamman


AU Dukat unstops folks.

Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World
Kressari Rendezvous
Verify Evidence
Obtain Vaccine
Plague Planet

Dilemmas (33)

1 Agonizing Encounter
1 An Issue of Trust
1 Back Room Dealings
1 Chula: Move Along Home
1 Chula: Pick One to Save Two
1 Chula: The Dice
1 Dignitaries and Witnesses
1 Dressing Down
1 Full Security Alert
1 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
2 Hard Time
1 The Dal’Rok
1 Traitor Exposed
1 Trelane’s Trial

1 Aftereffects
1 Assassination Attempt
1 Cultural Differences
1 Necessary Execution
1 No Kill I
1 Paranoid Escape
1 Triage
1 Vault of Tomorrow
1 Zero Hour

1 Distress Call
1 Hull Breach
1 Magnetic Field Disruptions
1 Outclassed
1 Personal Duty
1 Preventative Repercussions
1 Unbelievable Emergency
1 Warp Bubble Mishap
1 Where No One Has Gone Before

Draw Deck

3 Bat’leth
1 Emergency Transport Unit
3 Cardassian Phaser Pistol

2 Astrometrics Lab
3 Cardassian Protectorate
3 Deploy the Fleet
3 Machinations
3 “Observer” from the Obsidian Order
2 Unexpected Difficulties

2 Comfort Women
1 Escape
3 Shady Resources

1 Boheeka
2 Damar, Useful Adjunct
2 Danar, Irascible Gul
3 Dukat, Prefect of Bajor
2 Elim Garak, Agent of the Obsidian Order
2 Evek, Attaché to the Demilitarized Zone
2 Goran
2 Lemec, Posturing Negotiator
1 Madred, Calculating Captor
1 Magren
1 Mavek, Science Officer
2 Mila, Trusted Confidante
1 Nerot
2 Ocett, Dogged Rival
2 Rogesh
1 Thorel

2 Arctus Baran, Mercenary Captain
2 Brull, Encampment Leader
2 Jean-Luc Picard, Galen
2 Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
2 Lore, The One
1 Vash, Treasure Hunter

1 Aldara
2 Bralek
2 Keldon Advanced
1 Reklar
1 Vetar


Thomas Vineberg
"Star Trek II"

Just a No-Win Situation deck with a heavy Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock theme.  Energizes and Captain on the Bridge are critical for the high cost guys.  I probably needed another Tricorder to make up for the shortage of Geology.  The Marcuses otherwise have all the skills needed for both Genesis and Find Lifeless World.

Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home
Find Lifeless World
Evade Borg Vessel
Genesis Planet
Deliver Ancient Artifact


1 Alluring Spy
1 Command Decisions
1 Fesarius Bluff
1 Gomtuu Shock Wave
1 Mag. Field Disruptions
1 Personal Duty
1 Prefix Codes
1 Tactical Disadvantage
1 Unbelievable Emergency
1 Where No One Has Gone Before
1 A Devil Scorned
1 Assassination Attempt
1 Excalbian Drama
1 Helpless
1 Kolaran Raiders
1 Mugato
1 Necessary Execution
1 No Kill I
1 Triage
2 Back Room Dealings
1 Depression
1 Destined Journey
1 Final Triumph
1 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
2 Not Quite Domesticated Pets
2 Racial Tensions
1 Restricted Area
1 Shocking Betrayal
1 Stripped Down
1 Temporal Conduit
1 Temptation
1 The Dal’Rok
1 Trelane’s Trial
2 Unexpected
2 Worn-Out Welcome


1 Engineering PADD
1 Science PADD
1 Tricorder

3 Captain on the Bridge
1 Complications
2 Endangered
3 Energize
1 Hurried Departure
3 Machinations
3 No-Win Situation
1 One Man Can Summon the Future
2 Party Atmosphere
1 Precise Attack
1 Stir Crazy
1 The Genesis Effect
3 These Are the Voyages
3 Unexpected Difficulties

2 Escape
1 Khaaaaaaaaaan!!

2 Clark Terrell, Reliant Captain
2 James T. Kirk, Original Thinker
2 Saavik, Protégé
2 Spock, Trainee Instructor
1 Kruge, Instinctive Commander
2 Carol Marcus, Intelligent Scientist
2 David Marcus, Young Scientist
2 Khan Noonien Singh, G-E Nemesis

2 Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer
2 Jadzia Dax, Communications Staffer
2 Julian Bashir, Medical Staffer
2 Miles O’Brien, Engineering Staffer

1 Dukat, Pah-wraith Puppet
1 T’Pol, Subcommander
1 Zefram Cochrane, RTMH

1 IKS Qel’Poh, HMS Bounty
3 USS Enterprise, Earth’s Savior
1 USS Reliant, Searching

Matt K
"Romu LAN Party"

The idea was to combo Guardian's Advice and Stealth Mission, so that after mucking a dilemma to get 2 extra counters I could boost the slow D'deridex ships at essentially no cost. This meant diluting the deck with some NA Alt personnel like Smiley, Captains Bashir and Dax, and Ezri Tigan. The other gimmicks were Shadow Operation for cheap 3-cost Rom personnel, along with Bochra for one extra counter. Mission selection was looking for Tamarith and Kassem. Overall, the deck ran a bit slow, and the dilemma pile was piecemeal, although picking up a vote from me for Best WYLB Dilemma was Inferiority, which found me Distress Call twice in one game.

Romulus, Seat of Power
Escape Gulag
Obtain Vaccine
Protect the Escapees
Traverse Ion Storm

2 A Royal Hunt
2 Accelerated Aging
1 Aftereffects
2 An Issue of Trust
2 Bre'nan Ritual
1 Captain's Holiday
2 Chula: Echoes
2 Chula: The Chandra
1 Dangerous Climb
2 Distress Call
2 Entanglement
2 Gomtuu Shock Wave
2 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
3 Hard Time
2 Heart to Heart
3 Inferiority
1 Moral Choice
1 Necessary Execution
2 Nose to Nose
1 Outmatched
2 Personal Duty
2 Picking Up the Pieces
1 Pinned Down
1 Preventative Repercussions
2 Racial Tension
1 Rogue Borg Ambush
3 Skeleton Crew
1 The Caretaker's Guests
1 The Dal'Rok
1 Timescape
1 Where No One Has Gone Before

1 Brinkmanship
1 Escaping Detection
1 Getting Under Your Skin
3 Guardian's Advice
1 Party Atmosphere
1 Power Shift
2 Shadow Operation
1 Stealth Mission
1 Change of Heart
1 Secret Conspiracy
1 Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
1 Jadzia Dax, Soldier of Fortune
1 Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
1 Miles O'Brien, "Smiley"
1 Retaya, Urbane Poisoner
1 Tuvok, Coldly Logical Soldier
1 B'Etor, Romulan Conspirator
2 Bochra, Loyal Centurion
1 Charvanek, Neutral Zone Commander
1 Cretak, Supporter of the Alliance
1 D'Tan, Curious Youth
1 Data, From the City of Rateg
1 Galathon, Steadfast Rival
2 Jera
1 Kassem, Stern Operative
1 Koval, Chairman of the Tal Shiar
1 Mendak, Duplicitous Admiral
1 N'Vek, Soldier of the Underground
1 Ruwon, Intelligence Analyst
1 Sela, Mysterious Operative
1 Selok, Deep Cover Operative
1 Selveth, Tal Shiar Pilot
1 Sirol, Diplomatic Adversary
1 Spock, Celebrated Ambassador
1 T'Auethn, Obedient Centurion
1 Tal, Alert Subcommander
1 Tal'Aura, Impatient Senator
1 Tamarith, Reformist
1 Taris, Deceitful Subcommander
1 The Viceroy, Advisor to the Praetor
1 Tomek, Displaced Alien
2 D'deridex Advanced
1 Devoras
1 Haakona


James F
Athos IV
"Maquis de Sade"

My Maquis deck which went 0-3 was based on the draw deck of Steve Nelson's 17th place deck from Worlds, with a few modifications. My dilemma pile was one i had lying around from my Mirror Starfleet deck, designed for whacks, but needing some dilemma helpers

Athos IV, Maquis Base
Evacuate Colony
Intercept Maquis
Investigate Maquis Activity
Elude Federation Forces (instead of Investigate Destruction)

Deck (48)
2x Biogenic Weapon
2x Feast on the Dying
2x For the Cause
1x Improvised Modification (added to deck)
3x Stalling for Time
1x Cascade Virus (instead of 3x, based on inventory)
3x Cluttering Irrelevancies
2x Operational Necessity
2x Ro Laren, Maquis Sympathizer
1x B'Elanna Torres, Creative Engineer
1x Cal Hudson, Attaché to the Demilitarized Zone
1x Chakotay, Freedom Fighter
1x Hikaru Sulu, Savage Security Chief
1x Kalita, Maquis Pilot
1x Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets
1x Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader
1x Pavel A. Chekov, Treacherous Underling
2x Rebecca Sullivan, Resistance Fighter
1x Revised Kim, Interrogator
1x Revised Tuvok, Evil Instrument of Destruction
1x Santos, Squad Leader
2x Shankar, Maquis Soldier
1x Tamal, Technician
1x Thomas Riker, Defiant Leader
1x Tuvok, Undercover
2x Calisthenics Opponent
1x Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet
2x Kasidy Yates, Conflicted Captain (addition - for strength boosting)
1x Macius
1x Reide
1x S'salk, Gorn Captain
1x Guingouin
2x U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen Warship
1x Valjean

Dilemma pile: (31)
A Bad End
Assassination Attempt
Back Room Dealings
Charged-Particle Precipitation
Compassionate Interference
Contaminating a Culture
Disarming Dream
Disruptor Accident
Don't Let It End This Way
Enemy Boarding Party
Final Adventure
Gangster's Welcome
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Hard Time x2
Hull Breach
Last Gasp
Personal Duty
Preventative Repercussions
Reflections x2 (oops, needed to take this out!)
Rogue Borg Ambush
The Dal'Rok
Tragic Turn x3
Unbelievable Emergency