Spatial Rifts Season Eight Tournament Two (1E 30/30)- 1/26/08

Johnny Holeva
"Heroes of the (Romulan) Empire, 30/30 Style"

Deck Idea by Frank Miller

Agricultural Assessment
Cloaked Mission
Compromised Mission
Relief Mission
Military Exercises
Investigate Anomaly

Romulan Outpost  (Headquarters)
Q The Referee
Q's Tent
(Dr. Farek, Narik, Villagers With Torches, Strategema, Tribble Bomb, Temporal Vortex, Captain Kirk, Barry Waddle, D'deridex Advanced, Xepolite Freighter, Medical Tricorder, Deep Space Station K-7, HQ:War Room)
Battle Bridge Door
(Plasma Torpedo x5, Riker Maneuver x2, Picard Maneuver)

Seed Deck  (13)
Office of the Proconsul
Continuing Commitee
Nor (Cargo Bay, Docking Pylons, Guest Quarters, Promenade Shops)
Assign Mission Specialists (Dr. Farek and Narik)
HQ:Secure Homeworld
Defend Homeworld
Mission Debriefing
Q The Referee
Space-Time Portal
Sherman's Peak
Hero of the Empire
Storage Compartment Door (1 Tribble x10, 10 Tribbles x4, 100 Tribbles x3)

Dilemmas  (21)
Founder Secret - Denevan Neural Parasites - Executive Authorization
The Clown: My Festival - Denevan Neural Parasites - I Hate You
Your Galaxy Is Impure - The Weak Will Perish - Subspace Fracture
Your Galaxy Is Impure - The Weak Will Perish - Subspace Fracture
Ankari "Spirits" - Spatial Rift - The Cloud
Dead End - Borg Ship

Draw Deck  (30 cards)


Dr. Telek R'Mor
Jenok  x2
Praetor Neral
Senator Cretak
Senator Letant
Senator Vreenak

Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel
Beverlyand Will

Genetronic Replicator  x2
Kivas Fajo - Collector  x2
The Traveler: Transcendence  x2

Borg Nanoprobes
Medical Kit

Quinn  x2

SHIPS  (1)


Rogue Shindler
Mirror Quadrant Terran Empire/Rebellion

    Doorway Phase
1    Alternate Universe Door
1    Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
1    Battle Bridge Door
1    Q the Referee
1    Q's Tent
     Battle Bridge Side Deck
1    Crimson Forcefield
3    Evasive Maneuvers
2    Picard Maneuver
     Q's Tent Side Deck
1    Bajoran Wormhole
1    Baseball
1    Benjamin Sisko
1    Classic Tricorder
1    Ensign Davis
1    Ensign Gaffney
1    I.S.S. Enterprise
1    Klingon Disruptor
1    Leah Brahms
1    Romulan Disruptor
1    Tantalus Field
1    Temporal Vortex
1    The Art of Diplomacy
1    Clash at Chin'toka (2E)
1    Disrupt Alliance
1    Investigate Destruction (2E)
1    Investigate Stalled Ship (2E)
1    Mine Dilithium
1    Search for Rebels
     Dilemma Phase
1    Assign Support Personnel
1    Borg Ship
1    Cytherians
1    Dead End
1    Defend Homeworld
1    Denevan Neural Parasites
1    Emblem of the Alliance
1    Emblem of the Empire
1    Emergency Conversion
1    Ferengi Infestation
1    Founder Secret
1    Friendly Fire
1    God
1    I Hate You
1    Implication
1    In the Pale Moonlight
1    Mission Debriefing
1    Mr. Tricorder (2E)
1    Q the Referee
1    Spatial Rift
1    The Clown: Bitter Medicine (2E)
1    The Weak Will Perish
1    Your Galaxy is Impure
     Facilities Phase
1    Assign Mission Specialists
1    Halkan Council
1    HQ: Secure Homeworld
1    Mirror Terok Nor
1    Terran Outpost
1    Terran Rebellion HQ
1    Quark's Bar
1    Security Office
1    Docking Ports
1    Ops: Mirror Universe
1    Infirmary
1    Ore Processing Unit
     Draw Deck
1    Bajoran Wormhole
1    Captain's Log
1    Dabo!
1    Defiant Dedication Plaque
1    Process Ore
1    Ready Room Door
1    The Art of Diplomacy
1    Temporal Vortex
1    Captain Bashir
1    Captain Dax
1    Chief Engineer Scott
1    Chief Surgeon McCoy
1    Comm Officer Uhura
1    Commander Leeta
1    Ezri
1    First Officer Spock
1    Fontaine
1    James Tiberius Kirk
1    Mr. Brunt
1    Mr. Nog
1    Mr. Quark
1    Mr. Rom
1    Mr. Sisko
1    Mr. Tuvok
1    Professor Sisko
1    Security Chief Sulu
1    Smiley
1    Transporter Chief Kyle
1    Defiant  
1    Rebel Interceptor


Matt Kirk
"Royal Flush"

Espionage Mission
Impose Order
Inversion Mystery
Salvage Operation
Secret Salvage
Study Interment Site

Borg Servo / Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow / Dead End
Lack of Prep / Hero Worship / Chula: The Game
Now Would Be a Good Time / The Demands of Duty (2E) / Executive Authorization
Hanonian Land Eel / The Caretaker's "Guests" (2E) / Artillery Attack
The Clown: My Festival / Personal Duty (2E) / Friendly Fire
Tactical Disadvantage (2E) / Dejaren / Conundrum

Q's Tent:
Transwarp Network Gateway
Borg Nanoprobes
Activate Subcommands
Shape-shift Inhibitor
A Change of Plans
Adapt: Negate Obstruction
Assimilation Tubules
Assimilate Counterpart
Assimilate Homeworld
Assimilate Planet
Eliminate Starship
Eleven of Nineteen
Borg Tactical Cube

Battle Bridge:
Borg Cutting Beam x2
"Crimson Forcefield" x2
Maximum Firepower x3

Other seed cards:
Transwarp Network Gateway
Fair Play
Mission Debriefing
Villagers With Torches
Add Distinctiveness
Bluegill Infestation
Q the Referee (free)
Service the Collective
Establish Gateway
Salvage Starship
Eleven of Seventeen
Transwarp Hub

Under Bluegill Infestation (from outside the game):
Data, Tempted by Flesh (2E)
Four of Nine
Seven of Nine
Three of Nine
Two of Nine

Draw Deck:
Assimilation Table
Alas, Poor Drone
Borg Data Node
Changed History (2E)
Cranial Transceiver Implant
We Are the Borg
Cortical Node Implant
Nanoprobe Resuscitation
Transwarp Conduit
Borg Queen (The Borg expansion) x2
Calibration Drone (2E)
Data, Tempted By Flesh (2E)
Eight of Fifteen
Eighteen of Nineteen
Four of Nine
Nine of Eleven
Reconnaissance Drone (2E)
Requisitions Drone (2E)
Seven of Nine (The Borg expansion)
Ten of Nineteen
Three of Nine
Three of Nineteen
Two of Eleven
Two of Nine
Two of Seventeen
Locutus' Borg Cube
Queen's Borg Cube


Thomas Vineberg
"Riker and Pulaski, Playing For Free, C-L-O-N-I-N-G"

Investigate Anomaly II
Study “Hole in Space”
Aid Clone Colony
Test Mission II
Espionage Mission

Battle Bridge Door (+10 Tactics)
Alternate Universe Door
Q’s Tent

  1. Stratagema
  2. Shape-shift Inhibitor
  3. Establish Landing Protocols
  4. Runabout
  5. Hypospray
  6. Defend Homeworld
  7. Near-warp Transport
  8. The Big Picture
  9. Fair Play
  10. Tricorder
  11. Holoprogram: Deadwood
  12. Dr. Farek
  13. Toby Russell

Q the Referee x2
Clone Machine
Assign Mission Specialists
Office of the President
Ressikan Flute

A Fast Ship Would Be Nice
Aggressive Behavior
Captain’s Holiday
Dangerous Liaisons
Dead End
Denevan Neural Parasites
Duonetic Field Generator
Emergency Conversion
Female’s Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Ferengi Infestation
Hanonian Land Eel
Hippocratic Oath   x2
Kelvan Show of Force
Lack of Preparation
Make Us Go
Male’s Love Interest & Plague Ship
Scientific Method   x2
Shot in the Back
The Cloud
Volcanic Eruption

Holodeck Door
Starfleet Type I Phaser
Hidden Fighter
HQ: Secure Homeworld

Admiral J.P. Hanson
Admiral McCoy
Data and Geordi
Jean Luc and Beverly
Katherine Pulaski (2E)  x4
Miles O’Brien (Fajo)
Montgomery Scott
Neela Daren
Neras (2E)       x4
Spock (2P Game)
Thomas Riker
William T. Riker (Prem)   x4

Deputy Rozhenko
Sheriff Worf

USS Galaxy
USS Enterprise (Prem)


Dan Hamman
"Pasteur Prime"


Report 1-2 personnel to Hall of Warriors per turn.  First turn downloads should fill out most of skills needed for missions, and classifications for Kurlan Naiskos. Things to change: Add a draw engine. Or two.


1    Q The Referee
1    Q's Tent
1    Alternate Universe Door
1    Battle Bridge Door

Q’s Tent

1    Fair Play
1    Hq: War Room
1    Panel Overload
1    Reactor Overload
1    Strategema
1    Escape Pod
1    Commandeer Ship
1    Operate Wormhole Relays
1    Kromm
1    Regnor
1    Zetal
1    Brigadier Kerla
1    Quark Son Of Keldar

Battle Bridge

2    Crimson Forcefield
1    Maximum Firepower
1    Pulse Disruptor


1    Clash At Chin'toka 2e
1    Control Plague 2e
1    Escape Gulag 2e
1    Expose Covert Supply
1    Secret Salvage Ii
1    Surgery Under Fire 2e


Cardassian Trap- Now Would Be A Good Time- Broken Captive 2e- Denevan Neural Parasites
In The Pale Moonlight- Cardassian Trap- Broken Captive 2e
Chula: The Lights- Twisted- Q
Spatial Rift- Chula: The Game- Ferengi Bug
A Fast Ship Would Be Nice- Common Thief- Friendly Fire
Dead End-The Caretaker’s Guests 2e- Artillery Attack


1    Docking Pylons

Other Seeds

1    Kurlan Naiskos
1    Assign Mission Specialists
1    Assign Support Personnel
1    Defend Homeworld
1    Hq: Secure Homeworld
1    Bluegill Infestation
1    Emergency Evacuation
1    Kobayashi Maru Scenario
1    Make It So
1    Quark's Isolinear Rods
1    The Great Hall

Under Bluegill Infestation

1    Azetbur
1    Chancellor Gorkon
1    Duras, Son Of A Traitor 2e
1    Jadzia Dax *Bog
1    Kahlest
1    Kitrik
1    Vixis

Draw Deck

1    Bat'leth
1    Borg Nanoprobes
1    D'k Tahg
1    Captain's Log *Voy
1    Regenerate
2    The Traveler: Transcendence
1    Reflection Therapy
1    Kor'choth
1    Azetbur
1    Chancellor Gorkon
1    Chancellor Gowron
1    Duras, Son Of A Traitor 2e
1    General Chang
1    Governor Worf
1    Jadzia Dax *Bog
1    K'temoc
1    Kahlest
1    Kavok
1    Kitrik
1    Margh
1    Martok
1    Mogh
1    Morka
1    Sons Of Mogh
1    Vixis
1    I.K.C. Chang
1    I.K.C. Fek'lhr
1    I.K.C. T'ong
1    Kronos One